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000720 BioFlo Pro 500L Fermentor New Brunswick Call for quote
  New Brunswick BioFlo Pro 500L fermentor. Features 3:1 ratio 316L stainless-steel vessel, Automatic sterilization,new Eaton PLC Control Interface, Automatic temperature control, SIP/CIP drain valve, SIP inlet/exhaust filters, Automatic agitation control. Unit comes fully refurbished and tested for proper operation. Please call for further details. BioFlo Pro 500L Fermentor
  Condition: Excellent Purchase Request   Info Request
006412 MPP-80 New Brunswick Scientific Call for quote
Sold  New Brunswick Scientific MPP-80 Fermentor. Sterilizable-in-place open-frame fermentor has 6 process control loops: D.O., pH, Temperature, Agitation, Nutrient Feed, and Automatic Sterilization. The MPP is equipped with an EIA-422A and 232C communication port for external computer control. The MPP has 6 resterilizable ports, a bottom drain valve and all stainless steel piping. 220/208V, 12A. MPP-80
  Condition: Excellent