Centrifuges - Benchtop
Item #: 002807
Product Name: Avanti 30
Manufacturer: Beckman
Price: $5,550.00
Description: Beckman's Avanti 30 Centrifuge, 208V/12A. Unit is supplied with a F2402 rotor,(24 x 1.5/2 ml). This brushless, induction drive centrifuge performs routine spins in a small footprint to conserve valuable lab bench space. Ideal for high speed separations, nucleic acid precipitations, DNA mini-preps, protene precipitations, phase extractions, spin columns and subcellular fraction pelletting. Max. Speed: 30,000rpm depending on rotor, Max. Capacity: 400ml, CFC free, Operating Temp Range: 2 to 40c, Timer: 9hrs 59mins, pules or hold. Unit comes fully refurbished and tested.